2023 TD Awards R&B Artist of the Year Charlotte, North Carolina

2024 Keotic Visual's Award for Song of the Year Can't Lose

2024 Alabama Music Awards Nominee Best Male Album Mix Tape Album OTY & Next Bama Artist to Blow (July 2024)

Who is AnteezyDaVinci?

Anton "Tune" Wheeler Jr. (born February 26, 1997), known professionally as AnteezyDaVinci, is an American rapper, singer, song writer.  His music career began in 2012 when he self-published and distributed his first mix tape titled “The Life of a Young Teen Rapper” with fellow friend and Rapper Kay Montana of LBR Ent. The Mixtape was released on the 24 of August 2012 and sold out the first day of school. 

At a young age Tune found himself engulfed in the fast life as both his parents thrived in various areas associated with the street life. With the street code imprinted on his heart Tune quickly adopted a hustler’s mentality and is known as the "Suburban Trapper."  

Motivated by his mother and his love for Music and Baseball, Anton finished High School & attended College where he thrived in both Football & Baseball. Continuing to pursue his love for both baseball & music Anton earned a spot on a professional Baseball Team & established himself as a solid diverse hip hop artist. Although he resides in North Carolina training during the off season, he frequently travels between Alabama, Kentucky, West Virginia, Ohio & Colorado managing both his music and professional baseball careers.

AnteezyDaVinci is the CEO and founder of Street Sense Clothing & Apparel DBA Street Baby Clothing for kids. AnteezyDaVinci Enterprises llc & AFNF affiliate.